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Specialing in the training, showing and the sales of Reining Horses.  
We are located in Miami, Oklahoma at The Bar 20 Ranch, minutes from Grand Lake, historic Route 66 and Casinos!  
We look forward to helping you with all of your equine needs. Please contact us soon!  

Guest are Always Welcome, but Appointments are Appreciated

Horses are right at home at The Bar 20 Ranch in Miami, Oklahoma.  The facility features 14) 12 x 12 cinder block stalls that have mats, 16 hr lights, fly spray system, fan, and automatic waters. Stalls are bedded with clean pine shavings.  Stalls are cleaned daily.  After each workout horses enjoy a bath in our wash bay that has hot and cold water. 

Feeding consist of Premium Horse Quality Alfalfa Hay, transported from non beetle migratory paths,  and Bluebonnet Feed topped with Excel Eq Supplements ,  twice daily.

 (We are dealers, if you would like product, please let us know)

Horses are ridden and/or exercised daily, in any weather conditions.  The main barn has a lighted and heated indoor arena, that has excellent footing.  The Main arena is just out side the barn and  is a red iron covered 100 X 240  area.

  Often horses are ridden on the 100 acre ranch in pastures, trails in the woods with streams or to check the Charolais/angus mixed cow calf herd.
On off training days the horses are excercised in turns out pens and/or a 6 horse walker.

Your horse will always be treated as one of our own!

Owners and Visitors are always Welcome, 
Appointments are appreciated!

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